Facility Options

Which option is best for you and your facility?


For facilities that want to attract more drivers with verified information


This option includes:

  • Verified Badge
  • Verified Map Pin
  • Self-Service Map Listing
  • Basic Amenity Info

Being a verified facility is free and highlights your facility on the RigRest map. This lets the drivers know your facility is legitimate for their parking needs

Verified Plus

For facilities that want a more prominent listing on RigRest

This option includes:

  • Verified Plus Badge
  • Verified Plus Map Pin
  • Self-Service Map Listing
  • Detailed Amenity Info
  • Your Logo
  • Phone, Email & Website links

Use RigRest to attract more drivers to your facility by upgrading to “Verified Plus” and get extra benefits like additional branding, amenity details, and a personalized description of your facility. This marketing platform enables you to stand out to drivers who may not know what amenities and services you offer.



For facilities that want to earn revenue selling reservable parking through RigRest

Free to join

This option includes:

  • Revenue Sharing
  • Branded Store
  • Reservations Badge
  • Reservations Map Pin
  • Increased Visibility
  • Amenity Badges
  • Dashboard
  • Reports
  • Business Insights

Sign up for RigRest Reservations and start earning revenue immediately by selling reservable parking spaces at your facility through our online platform.

Add security by installing our automated gate control system and know who’s on your lot.

Increase the number of trucks at your facility by getting your facility details like location and amenities to truck drivers across North America. Increase the visibility of your facility by curating your own page on the platform that is visible to all drivers.

Keep track of your earnings and your reputation with our online dashboard and reporting that offer insights into the business side of things.

Looking for more details about these plans? Take a look at our visual guide to the benefits of each plan.

About RigRest

The RigRest platform provided by Truck Specialized Parking Services, Inc. (TSPS) presents truck parking information from the RigRest truck parking database that includes public and private rest stops and truck stops across the nation.

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