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RigRest.com is a web app designed to work optimally on any device.  To create an icon on your home screen

Instructions below for different browsers. 

The shortcut icon will appear on your home screen or the next screen where space is available. 
Some browsers display the yellow RigRest truck, others create a generic icon.

Google Chrome

  • 1. Using Google Chrome browser, go to Rigrest.com. 
  • 2. Select 3 dots on upper right. 
  • 3. “Add to Home screen”. 
  • 4. Edit name so it is short – RigRest. 
  • 5. Select “Add”

Android – Samsung Internet

  • 1. Using Samsung Internet browser, go to Rigrest.com. 
  • 2. Lower right of screen, select three bars. 
  • 3. “Add Page To” 
  • 4. “Home Screen” Edit name so it is short – RigRest. 
  • 5. “Add”

iPhone – Safari

  • 1. Using the iPhone Safari Internet browser, go to Rigrest.com.
  • 2. Swipe up to get the options menu.
  • 3. Bottom row, swipe to left then select “Add to Home screen”.
  • 4. Edit name so it is short – RigRest.
  • 5. Select “Done”

Other Browsers

Look in the browser menu to see if it offers a utility to save the web address to the homepage.

Last Updated On October 21, 2019
About RigRest

The RigRest platform provided by Truck Specialized Parking Services, Inc. (TSPS) presents truck parking information from the RigRest truck parking database that includes public and private rest stops and truck stops across the nation.

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